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Where is nant meigan?

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  • where is Nant meigan?

    Aberaeron is one of Wales' very first "planned" towns, the idea of establishing a port at the Aeron's mouth having been the brainchild of a local cleric - the Reverend Alban Jones-Gwynne - in the nineteenth century.

    Aberaeron's most notable feature is its architecture - one house in every four is listed as being of special architectural or historical interest. The graciously designed town just invites you to walk around it and feast your eyes on the subtle differences between this house and the next, that street and the other.....

    A thriving port in the days of commercial sailing, sailing still plays a major part in the life of the town, its stonewalled harbour sheltering yachts from near and far for most of the year.

    As well as being a most popular centre for yachting Aberaeron is a popular port from which to set forth to marvel at the wildlife of Ceredigion's Maritime Heritage Coast - the first offshore conservation area of its kind in the United Kingdom.

    Aberaeron is a popular shopping centre for its surrounding hinterland and also offers a wide selection of crafts and local produce at the Clôs Pengarreg Crafts Centre.

    Whatever you you choose to do on your visit to Aberaeron, most people find it difficult to leave without enjoying a honey ice-cream.